About Us:
The Southern Boone
Chamber of Commerce
is a voluntary,
organization of business,
industry, and professional
people who are dedicated
to developing, promoting,
and maintaining a sound
and healthy economic
climate for Southern
Boone County in
Welcome to the home of the Southern Boone Chamber of Commerce!
Upcoming Chamber Events & News:

September 10th  8 am:  Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Meeting
Location: River City Construction Conference Room
Details: These meetings are open to all members. Any member with exciting news,
updates, or events they would like to share are encouraged to attend!

September 11th  8 am:  State Representative Caleb Rowden Listening Tour
Location: Southern Boone County Public Library
Details: Caleb Rowden currently serves as a State Representative and is a friend of
mine. He has some exciting news regarding his future plans. Please come and let him
know what the business leaders of Southern Boone County look for from our elected
officials and how he can help us succeed.